There has been much discussion about the use of synthetic closures for sealing wine and champagne bottles. While synthetics such as plastic are marvelous materials for many purposes, we do not believe that they offer the best performance for wine or champagne closure.

The Cork Quality Council, an industry research group, went right to the source. They conducted a survey of restaurant patrons and serving staff to determine the perceived benefits offered by natural cork. Perceived benefits of cork that were mentioned included the following:

  1. Cork is "traditional" and adds to general romance and sophistication
  2. Cork prevents oxygen from spoiling the wine
  3. Cork facilitates the aging of wine
  4. Cork can be used to re-seal the wine
  5. Cork provides an early warning of a wine’s quality once extracted
  6. Cork adds authenticity to a wine (with name/logo or vintage printed)

Source: Cork Quality Council

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